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Innerdance Energy Work is process that heightens one's sense of awareness and consciousness for deep insight into your whole being. This is not ‘dancing’ in the typical sense, but lying down and using your intuition to follow the experience. It uses binaural beats and sound wave frequencies, giving an experience similar to a shamanic journey, breathwork, or elements of yoga nidra. Music is played to bring the participant into deeper states of consciousness, much like entering into a dream-like state. You will be guided to connect to a higher vibration. The facilitator holds space, gives verbal guidance, and uses physical prompts (ie., light touch to the head) to direct the process. Each journey is unique to the participant. People typically have a visual or somatic experience. This is a portal to observe aspects of your consciousness, be a witness to the stories you hold in your body, and work towards healing and self-discovery.

We begin with a simple technique using the style of David Elliott's Breathwork— participants lie down and inhale through the belly, high chest, and exhale out the mouth. As we engage in this steady form of circular breathing for 20—30 minutes, trapped energy will unlock through an involuntary somatic response. We will then transition into regular breathing and connect to a higher vibration with a playlist set to specific sound wave frequencies. Think of it like receiving Reiki or energy work! When we quiet the mind, our expanded state of consciousness can work through us and for us into release, insight, clarity, and more love.

Above is a video made at Bahay Kalipay, the Philippines, where InnerDance was developed. The experiences of the participants show the possibilities of this process. However, not everyone has similar experiences. People who are able to let go of the mind, relax the body, and have had other somatic, energy-related, or spiritual experiences tend to have deep journeys. 

Private Breathwork + Energy Work Session

IN-PERSON: Alameda, CA

$125 for 75 min.​ 

10% discount for returning clients


Friday, Oct. 132023

7:00 pm—8:30 pm

@ Breathing Room

1708 Lincoln Ave, Alameda, CA 94501


$30 early bird until 1 week before event

$40 regular price

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