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Cosmic Sky


When we quiet the thinking mind and the need to control, we can tap into an incredible space in our being. Circular breathwork (in the style of David Elliott and Tai Hubbert) moves out trapped energy in our body with somatic cleansing and clearing. Innerdance Energy Work (created by Pi Villaraza from the Philippines) assists us in our spiritual journey to see, hear, feel, and know on a higher level. Our expanded state of consciousness can work through us and for us into release, insight, clarity, and more love.

Please dress comfortably to lie down for an hour. This type of circular Breathwork journey will be an open mouth breath— inhaling into the belly, chest, and exhaling out the mouth. 


Not recommended if you have untreated high blood pressure, epilepsy, recent injury/surgery, or if you are pregnant.

Above is a video made at Bahay Kalipay, the Philippines, where InnerDance was developed. The experiences of the participants show the possibilities of this process. However, not everyone has similar experiences. People who are able to let go of the mind, relax the body, and have had other somatic, energy-related, or spiritual experiences tend to have deeper journeys. 

Private Breathwork + Energy Work Session

IN-PERSON: Alameda, CA

$125 for 75 min.​ 


Friday, April 12th, 2024
7 pm—8:30 pm
@ Breathing Room Studio
Alameda, CA
$30 until April th. $40 after.

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