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A Catalyst towards Change: May 2, 2020

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

I don't think I have any new words or insights in response to this pan-experience. I've been down the rabbit hole of political conspiracy theories; intrigued by 5D ascension-starseed-awakening prophecies; and placed my bets on scientific and psychic predictions. The news has brought up guilt for the privileges I have in my life, while social media photos stir up envy when I feel that others 'have it better'. When I am outside, I sense the awkwardness of people trying to balance social distancing as etiquette while holding the fear of contamination. I've sunk into the grief of collective suffering while trying to raise the vibration for hope and healing. In any given week, I've been participating in online live drum workshops, kirtan sing-a-longs, family constellations, and oracle card readings. Yet, within the same day, my mood and productivity can suddenly spiral into feeling depressed, overwhelmed, irritated, frustrated, lonely, and unmotivated.

For me, acceptance has helped me acknowledge what I can do instead of being up against what is out of my control. On my best days, I've been using this time as a catalyst. What do I want to create, purge, look at, or work towards? What is an achievable goal that I can commit to and practice in chunk-size? I'll share what's been working for me.

SELF-CARE Yoga: I absolutely love "Yoga with Adriene" on YouTube. She has various themes, 10-60 minute FREE classes, and sprinkles her teachings with wisdom and humor. I'm currently on Day 18 of the 30 Day Home Challenge. (And on that, I've said to myself, "Ack, we've been in quarantine more than 18 days!')

Also, my Chiang Mai yoga teacher Gernot Huber is teaching 8 Livestream classes per week. The subscription is only USD $10/month, and you have access to all the class recordings from the past 7 days. He has a ton of anatomy knowledge, emphasizes a mindful practice, and is one of the most down-to-earth people I know.

Meditation: I use the free Insight Timer app on my phone for a daily 15 minute practice. You can do your own meditation or choose from hundreds of teachers to guide you.

MANIFESTATION I've recently discovered Jason Chang's YouTube channel Change Your Frequency. He talks about manifestation (creating what you want) instead of focusing on fear (creating what you don't want). My added two cents is: Be grounded, use a combination of your intuition and logic mind, connect to your resources, and be willing to do the work.

WORK WITH WHAT YOU HAVE Most people are finding themselves in unique situations. Too much free time. Trying to balance working from home and childcare. Isolation. Loss of income or job. New baby. Separation from loved ones. Missing an important event. Being displaced. Scarcity.

Sometimes when I am feeling stuck, I realize that it's my attachment to my expectations. I've gotten used to "how things are done" or how I have been living my life. If we think of this as an opportunity for change and creativity, it might just be the shift that is needed.

For me, I've been building on new ideas for Hanuman Yoga Retreat. My weekly TRE classes are now on-line via Zoom on Fridays. I'll soon be adding oracle card readings, individual and group family constellations, and innerdance energy work over Zoom. To stay updated, please visit my website and/or my Facebook page.

My April 2020 Mexico retreat has been re-scheduled for Jan. 9-13, 2021. A November 2020 retreat in Thailand (at Om Waters) is planned but not yet confirmed. I also plan to have my annual New Year's Retreat in Mexico, but I have not secured a venue yet. I sure as heck will be ready for a retreat focused on healing, connection, and community! (And I'm also fun!!)

May you continue to nourish yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Sending you grace and love as we all work through this.

Be well,



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