Trance Mediumship Channeling
Alameda, CA

As a channel, I act as a bridge from the spiritual realm to the human world.


This session is in service to you and held in love, dignity, and safety to all.



  • connect with a passed on loved one

  • receive guidance on your spiritual journey

  • get insight into unusual experiences and occurrences that you are wondering about

  • speak to your higher self, inner child, ancestors, spiritual guides, or pets

  • confirm a connection to a person, group, place, or past life

  • gain clarity on the "next step" when feeling stuck

When I channel, I am tuning into a higher frequency. You may feel it, too! When I notice what sensations arise, it informs the next moment to unfold. It often moves towards what needs to be said, felt, heard, or acknowledged from both the participant and the spirit.

My psychic ability is a rare form called trance mediumship. In my channeled state, my voice, facial expressions, and body movements change. I experience felt sensations (ie. emotions) in the present moment according to the context given. I may also see images, bilocate, hear sounds, and blurt out what wants to be said by the spirit being channeled.

If a healing curve occurs during the session, unresolved pain often comes up. To metabolize this energy, I add in the work of Family Constellations (a modality created by Bert Hellinger). Guided statements spoken within this frequency unlocks the stuck energy for all.

RATE: $70 for 45 minutes + $25 fee for rental space:

The Home of Truth Spiritual Center,

1300 Grand St., Alameda, CA 94501

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