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Creating a bridge from the spiritual realm to the human world.

What is a PSYCHIC Reading?

In a psychic reading, the medium accesses a person's psyche. Information about a person's emotions, thoughts, and experiences related to a topic are shared. The sitter (client) can ask the medium a question about a relationship, a decision, a situation, or anything they are wondering about. The intention is to gain clarity on what is beneath the "surface level" of an issue and receive guidance on the next step forward.


What is an EVIDENTIAL Mediumship Reading?

An evidential reading is to bring forward a passed loved one for the sitter for closure or reconnection. Information about the deceased person (ie. their habits, personal possessions, warm memories, characteristics) is shared with the sitter to show that the Spirit exists beyond death. This is a healing experience, and usually a message comes through for the sitter. Evidential readings are done in a light trance state. This is also known as overshadowing.

In all sessions, I use clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. These are the senses of seeing, hearing, and feeling that become enhanced when I am connecting to a higher frequency and in a channeled state.

All sessions are in service to you and the spirits that come forward. The information and experience is intended for your highest good, and held in love, dignity, and safety to all.

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Psychic and evidential mediumship readings are offered Tuesdays 11 am—3pm, Fridays 1:30 pm—6:30 pm, & Saturdays 12 pm—6 pm at FEATHERED OUTLAW, a woman-owned metaphysical shop in downtown Alameda, California.

$66 for 30 min./$88 for 45 min./$111 for 60 min. 

For online readings, contact me here.


What People are Saying

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