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Creating a bridge from the spiritual realm to the human world.

Purple Glow

What is a PSYCHIC Reading?

In a psychic reading, the medium accesses a person's psyche. Information about a person's emotions, thoughts, and experiences related to a topic are shared. The sitter (client) can ask the medium a question about a relationship, a decision, a situation, or anything they are wondering about. The intention is to gain clarity on what is beneath the "surface level" of an issue and receive guidance on the next step forward.


What is an EVIDENTIAL Mediumship Reading?

An evidential reading is to bring forward a passed loved one for the sitter for closure or reconnection. Information about the deceased person (ie. their habits, personal possessions, warm memories, characteristics) is shared with the sitter to show that the Spirit exists beyond death. This is a healing experience, and usually a message comes through for the sitter. Evidential readings are done in a light trance state. This is also known as overshadowing.

In all sessions, I use clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. These are the senses of seeing, hearing, and feeling that become enhanced when I am connecting to a higher frequency and in a channeled state.

All sessions are in service to you and the spirits that come forward. The information and experience is intended for your highest good, and held in love, dignity, and safety to all.


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Psychic and evidential mediumship readings are offered Fridays 3 pm—6:30 pm & Saturdays 12 pm—6 pm at FEATHERED OUTLAW, a woman-owned metaphysical shop in downtown Alameda, California.

$60 for 30 min./$80 for 45 min./$100 for 60 min. 

For online readings, contact me here.

What People are Saying

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Purple Glow
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TUES. OCT. 17, 2023

Join Feathered Outlaw's resident Psychic and Evidential Medium Tammy Hayano for Family Constellation exercises! Using the work of Bert Hellinger, we'll practice using our senses within the experiential "knowing field”. This allows us to tune into the psyche of a topic and those involved, offering information in the present moment. Each month will feature a different exercise for our personal growth. 


Cost: $15 



12PM ~ 8 PM

SAT., OCT.  21, 2023

WITCHFEST 2023 is a confluence of 7 local Witch shops, 30 + Indie Magickal Vendors, and dozens of Holistic and Mystical Practitioners in the vibrant West End Arts District of Alameda, CA. 


This is a FREE / ALL-AGES event. $20 VIP Tickets are available to get: Witchfest swag bag, Raffle tickets, Early Access.


This event is a celebration of Samhain, the end of the harvest and the start of the coldest half of the year. For many, Samhain is also the beginning of the spiritual new year. Gather and celebrate the season! 

Tammy will be offering 20 minute Psychic / Evidential Mediumship Readings at a special price of $25. 



5 PM ~ 8 PM

Nov. 9, 2023

Feathered Outlaw gathers their most trusted & talented practitioners to create an inclusive, approachable and educational event for us to meet and mingle at the shop! Join us for Holistic Happy Hour every second Thursday of the month from 5 pm - 8 pm! Offerings include: 

Tea Ceremony ~ Tarot Reading ~ Reiki  ~  Astrology Reading


BOOK HERE.  Services are first come, first serve. Tammy will NOT be at this event, but other amazing practitioners will be!

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