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Family Constellations
Healing Generational Trauma with Love

"Conscience binds us so powerfully to our families and other groups that we feel obliged to identify with the suffering and guilt of our ancestors, even though we are not often consciously aware of this."

—Bert Hellinger, 'Rising in Love'

"Often, in the context of of the family system over many generations, you can see a particular form of love and loyalty. These entanglements are, in some sense, unavoidable and unforgiving, so they can't be looked at at the level of moral judgements." —Bert Hellinger, 'Supporting Love'

My Ancestors

These are the wedding photos of my grandparents. On the left are my Taiwanese grandparents on my mother's side; on the right are my Japanese grandparents from my father's side. Up until eight years ago, I didn't really think about them much. They had died quite some time ago, and I had very few memories of them— if at all. They were in the past and forgotten. 

I started learning about Family Constellations— a process created by Bert Hellinger in the late 1970s. This modality looks at current personal issues within a larger context, primarily the family system. Working within the experiential "knowing field," participants experience and report the felt sensations of any being they are representing and how the beings are relating to others. ​This acknowledges truths, identifies missing elements or blocks, and moves towards resolution. When 'what has been unseen and unspoken' becomes acknowledged, we can see how the system energetically shifts into alignment. This energy then reaches out to those involved in the issue.

Below is what Hellinger describes as The Orders of Love and classifies them into four categories. 

  • Acknowledging what is

  • Belonging

  • Seniority

  • Balance of giving and taking

  • Taking responsibility and addressing transgressions ​

As I stepped deeper into constellation work, I became increasingly interested in who my ancestors were, the stories they carried, and began connecting to them. ​I created a family tree, reached out to my long lost cousins, visited my relatives in Asia despite a language barrier, and paid respect at my grandparents' gravesites in Japan and Taiwan. In receiving my own constellations as a client, I discovered that the blocks in my life had been carried or passed down from generations on an unconscious level. Upon noticing where the suffering in my ancestors began, this is where my own healing started.  

I would like to thank many constellation facilitators whom I have learned from and worked with: Ciara McArdle, Francesca Mason Boring, Sarah Peyton, and Barry Krost. I am especially in gratitude to Leslie Nipps, whom I studied under for the 1:1 Constellations course and Advanced Constellation Training. 

Now, photos of my grandparents sit on my home altar. I greet them every morning, honor them, and thank them for their guidance, support, and my life.

"Tammy is amazing, a true humble healer. From the moment you are in her presence, you feel calm and secure. She guides you on a journey like you have certainly never experienced in Family Constellations, making it easy for you to share and ‘step in’ just how much feels comfortable for you while she holds that safe space. Since our session, I have certainly felt shifts in my life that I attribute to it. I highly recommend everyone to try a session and see what comes up for you."

—Lisa Byrd Nesser, Chiang Mai, Thailand


Family Constellations allow love to flow from where it was stopped by a traumatic event. Constellations work best if you have a clear intention and you are willing to change. A question to ask yourself could be: What feels unresolved in your heart that you would like different?  





Alameda, CA

Location: Ohana Room,

The Home of Truth Spiritual Center

1300 Grand St.

PRICE: USD $188 for 2 hours

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ONLINE via Zoom


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