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A Mexican Ghost Story: May 17, 2021

Updated: Nov 25, 2021


Over a year ago, I encountered a little girl named Maria at a beach town in Mexico. We connected easily, and she showed me how to feel like a kid again. That essence of joy, excitement, innocence, and playfulness. She was tuned into those who accepted her and welcomed her presence. In the same way, she was very clear about those who were not receptive to her. I don’t know if I’d say she gave only what she was given, but there was a pretty equal match to the energy of the many people she met in my company. Love was met with love. Indifference was met with indifference. Disdain was met with disdain.

In the past four months, each time I visited this particular beach town, Maria would show up. I didn’t take it as anything more than a pleasant surprise, yet I began to wonder if our connection held a greater meaning. I then realized that she needed my help. Maria longed to be reunited with her father, and simultaneously her father was looking for her.

I brought Maria to a nearby beach to hold a small ceremony and invited her father. He was so deep in sadness and suffering that he did not notice Maria standing excitedly in front of him— even though this was the very thing he wanted.

Maria had met her death several years ago. She bowed to her fate and set her soul free. The father said what needed to be said— to his daughter, to himself, releasing the burden he carried of not being able to save her life. He acknowledged his own fate with dignity, love, and honor. Now, Maria and her father could reunite at last.

It was time for me to say goodbye to Maria. I was taken aback by my emotions, truly feeling the special bond with her. “Thank you for choosing me Maria. Thank you for the gift and honor. Thank you for connecting me to your being— the gleeful expressions, the sparkle in your heart, your love of trees, the stars, and the ocean, your happiness being in good company, your love for your father, your joyful spirit, and most of all—your smiles and giggles. Thank you for reminding me that this energy is within our innate self, no matter how old we get or how many layers we need to work through.

I give my blessings for you to join your father in the spirit world. As for me, I let the energy of my own inner child come through."

*Out of respect for privacy, the name of the town and other proper nouns have not been mentioned.

This experience with channeling, spirits, and family constellations was a beautiful culmination of my four months in Mexico. It brought together my intentions at the start of my trip: a deeper connection to the country; being more in tune with the universal elements; and community (supporting each other, even dead folks!). It also reinforced the fact that there is A LOT happening by other forces in our human world, but on a less visible level. A reminder to sense and access information beyond the "ordinary" and material sources we take information from.

May we all stay open to the magic around us and within us.

Be well,



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