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What a year! We made it! With 2023 coming to a close, it’s a wonderful time to reflect and review the year. What are you grateful for? What were your lessons?

For me, it was strength and joy. The strength to move through challenges that I faced, and humbly realize that no person, situation, pattern, or experience has power over me.

Sometimes I really had to sit quietly and ask myself, “Am I the one letting this have power over me? Or, am I able to understand that this actually does not have power over me? Can I choose differently? When we change how we relate to ourselves and outside of ourselves, the dynamics begins to shift in incredible ways.

This past year, I received two separate Tarot card readings, and both showed that I needed to feel more joy in my work. At first, I was shocked by this message. But I love what I do! It's meaningful, interesting, and a joy to offer wellness and healing! And of course I need to put in the work— the attention to detail, organizing, and preparation. Ah, but by focusing too much on 'the doing', I had sabotaged JOY. 

Perhaps some of you can relate to this with the holiday season. The stress in buying gifts for others. Family arguments at gatherings. Wanting to make sure everything goes smoothly at events, and exactly the way you planned. If the point is joy, then are we creating it or interfering with it?

Wishing you an abundance of strength and joy this holiday and for 2024.

Be well,



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