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What If it was only an Energy?

Sometimes the world feels like a big supermarket, every moment vying for your attention.

Is it a temptation, distraction, attachment? Is it there to simply provoke an emotion? Or perhaps it’s a little guidance, an earnest connection, a higher lesson.

What if it was only an energy— disguised in a person, a situation, a headline, an object?

To see how you relate and respond.

To reveal information about your own self.

The choice and a discernment to engage or disengage.

To progress on your own journey.


This has been the theme for me the past few years (and I believe, for all of humanity). It'll also be the theme for my three(!) upcoming retreats.

June 10-15, 2023 Baja California Sur, Mexico (Eco-luxury)

Highlights: Off-grid, desert and beach retreat to work with earth and spirit energy

Click here to learn more.

Mid-November 2023 Chiang Mai, Thailand (Budget/ Mid-Range)

Highlights: Off-grid, open-air floating retreat center to connect to higher vibes

More information next month!

Early Dec. 2023 Thoddoo, Maldives (Budget/ Mid-Range)

Highlights: IT’S THE MALDIVES!!! What more do you want?!

More information next month!


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