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Celebrating 8 years! What I learned from my yoga retreat business— Oct. 1, 2020

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

I’m coming up on my 8th annual New Year’s Yoga Retreat in Mexico. In numerology and spirituality, the number eight holds much significance. It symbolizes infinity (with the same shape rotated from the number 8); a completion of a cycle; and the kundalini spiral.

What an 8 year journey it has been with Hanuman Yoga Retreat! I have learned so much, and at times not in an easy way. My job might look ideal on the outside— teaching yoga at beautiful locations around the world. But I’d say that 80% of the work comes before the retreat even happens. The success of any retreat is not how spiritual I am, how many manifestation rituals I do, or even how good of a teacher I am.

For all the spiritual people out there, let me just say a word on manifestation. How things work on the 5D / energy/ astral plane / ether world is on a different timeline than the 3D human world. Work needs to be done on both levels, and they sync up at some point. If you’re asking the universe for the perfect job, partner, income, home, or basically anything— hey, it'll be handed to you. BUT if you’re not sure what you want or bypass working on yourself, then it’s not going to go matter how much you try.

Having my own business is a 360 degree reflection of my strengths and weaknesses; my patterns that I need to work through; maintaining a balance of the heart and head space; tracking intuition and logic; being able to take full responsibility for everything; resilience; and having total freedom.

Over the years, I’ve led 32 retreats at 16 different venues, and was the resident yoga teacher at three retreat centers. I’ve lost USD $4K on a retreat, $2K on another, $700, and $600. On three occasions, I’ve only had one guest on a retreat (and each of these were enriching experiences). I also had a streak of selling out my retreats, which led to the false thinking that “I finally made it” and could expect that each time. Alas, it is not a linear process. AT ALL.

I automatically assumed that all retreat centers acted consciously, but this is a great illusion. Fortunately, I have had wonderful experiences at many retreat centers. I am much more clear with my criteria; thoroughly research the venue; and feel into the relationship I create with the managers. Now it’s easier to know when I’m choosing what I want.

In Fred Kofman’s book Conscious Business, he writes: “Integrity is immediate and unconditional. Every time we act, we are either in alignment with our values or we are not. We choose whether or not we are aligned.” It's an excellent business model and benchmark for life!

For me, it applies to:

-Being drawn towards immediate gratification vs. taking time to see if a choice is right for me

-Being realistic with how much am I willing to invest and lose

-Knowing when I am giving too much and people are taking too much

I’m also practicing to:

-not feel that everything is urgent (Gotta pace myself!)

-walk the walk with consistent self-care and unconditional self-love (More self-kindness!)

-to keep joy in my work (even admin tasks!)

I am truly grateful to do what I love in service and teaching; to connect to magical places through travel; to share a special experience with so many people; and to humbly keep growing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Now, whose going to join me in celebrating 8 years of Hanuman Yoga Retreat? I'm offering 3 Mexico retreats in the Riviera Nayarit! See below to see what each retreat offers.

Be well,



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