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Greece is the Word

About seven years ago, I applied to be a visiting wellness practitioner for an international resort. I got on the roster of approved professionals, shortlisted for a handful of locations, but was never placed. After awhile, I pretty much forgot about it.

In January 2022, I got an email related to my application. It was an offer to bring my holistic services to a resort in Greece for 3 weeks this summer. I was excited but didn't want to get too attached. After all, my own retreats and business took quite a tumble during the pandemic, and uncertainty was still at large.

10 days before my trip, my housemate contracted the virus. I rigorously stayed on top of my health and kept calm and focused.

Then after two delayed flights and a missed connection, I finally made it to Santorini.

The moment I arrived at the resort, I entered a 5 star world of fine dining, luxury suite accommodations, private infinity pools, and breathtaking views. It was surreal to say the least, as if I had passed all the tests thrown at me and was awarded this grand prize.

Now what? Why was I here?

At this point in my spiritual journey, I knew that wherever the universe leads me to often means I have something to experience beyond my ordinary expectations.

What I quickly realized was that Santorini did not carry a high vibration. Don’t get me wrong. It has absolutely magical sunsets, 360 degrees of stunning scenery, a relaxed atmosphere, and warm, friendly people. The land itself prides itself on detached beauty, with the understanding that the quiet calm of the caldera is not to be disturbed. The unspoken stories deep in the waters remain untold.

So there I was, feeling very much like a New Age California hippie, getting blank stares as I talked to my colleagues and guests about QiGong, channeling, trauma release, and energy work.

The last thing I wanted was for anyone to feel pressured or uncomfortable with my holistic healing ways. So with gentle perseverance, I began to build a friendly connection with the people around me. To my pleasant surprise, my colleagues soon became curious and willing to experience what I had to offer. I give a lot of credit to them, as this takes trust, letting go, and acceptance.

In whatever work we do, giving from a joyful, humble, and loving place opens our hearts, for both the giver and receiver. When we are in service to humanity and the spirit world, we raise the vibration around us.

While in Santorini, I visited the Museum of Thera in the town of Fira. In one room, I was amazed to be face to face with an ancient fresco full of blue monkeys. “That’s Hanuman,” I thought to myself. The blue monkey god of Hindu folklore. The son of wind. My research later also referred to the monkeys as Hanuman langurs. And what does Hanuman represent? Perseverance. Strength. Being in loving service to humanity and the Divine.


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