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Hanging with my Homies: Sept. 15, 2018

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

In other words, connecting with my ancestors!

I just returned from a one week trip to Taipei, Taiwan. My intention was to immerse myself in the culture, learn more about the history, visit my relatives, and connect to my ancestors. (I am Taiwanese from my mom's side and Japanese from my dad's side.) This visit was long overdue. Although I love traveling and have been to many countries over the years, I didn't have much interest in Taiwan until now. What prompted the change? As I started getting deeper into Family Constellations, I realized that the more I knew about my family history and ancestors, the better understanding I had of what was passed down to me genetically: patterns, traumas, and life events. It fascinates me what we carry for our ancestors, ie. loyalty and honor— even when it harms us or others. Family Constellations allows us to see issues from a much wider lens, and to finally remove old patterns or blocks from our lives. My week in Taipei was so meaningful! The hotel that I booked completely by random turned out to be located in the same neighborhood that my grandma lived, went to elementary school, and was a teacher at. How's that for a warm welcome by my ancestors! :) During the week, I took three guided walking tours; visited my grandparents' gravesite; and met up with cousins, aunts, and uncles (even though I didn't speak the same language as some of them). I let the awkwardness be part of the experience in building connection. Things started to get even more interesting when I would be walking around town or at my grandparents' gravesite and had tremoring patterns that were the same from my experiences in Family Constellations and TRE/tension-trauma release exercises. It was so juicy with information! So, there you go. Two modalities working in tandem with each other in the land of my ancestors. Ah, a meeting of healing and connection.

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