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It's Time to Bloom

March was one of those months where there weren't enough hours in the day to get what I needed done. Fresh from my 3 week trip to Costa Rica, I moved directly to Alameda, California. Here I was in a brand new city; no client base; no network; battling a website malfunction issue; scouting indoor and outdoor locations to facilitate; feeling the pull to ‘level up’ my modalities and services but needing time to plan it out; and noticing that my business income was on the thin side.

Although I’ve been a nomadic solo entrepreneur for over ten years, it's still overwhelming when there's no template to follow, or when copying and pasting ideas don't work. Relating this on the grander scale with the pandemic, maybe you've asked yourself, “What do I do when there is no script to follow?”

If you’ve experienced a setback, perhaps it gave you time to step back. A big pause to not simply continue with "your plan." Perhaps, despite your own resistance, you have been pushed in a different direction for your highest good. Could it be that the universe already had your destination in mind, and just needed you to get on the train?

Of course, there have been countless times when I’ve wanted to switch into reverse gear and default back to something familiar. This usually happens when I'm overwhelmed, in doubt, or in fear. But the thing is, we have changed; times have changed. Our job, relationships, beliefs, and way of being are not meant to stay the same as we grow, if we want to grow.

It’s time to bloom.

Be clear with what you want. Be willing to do the work. Check what is guiding your energy and ask yourself if it feels "too" (fill-in-the-blank). Too attached to the outcome, too left-brained, too right-brained, too ego-driven, too unfocused. If you want something external, uncover what it points to on the internal level. Trust your intuition more than your reflexive response or your reactions. For me, intuition feels clean and arrives gracefully when my nervous system feels settled. It offers information that I need in the present moment. When you recognize this, you naturally move on to the next moment. Allow yourself to figure it out one step at a time. But don’t get stuck on one step for too long. :D

If you are at this breakthrough place in life right now— those who have also moved to a new city; started a training; said yes to new ideas and opportunities; awakened into your life purpose— let it in. Nourish it and let it bloom.

Be well,



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