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Messages from the Universe: Feb. 20, 2020

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

For the past few weeks, Ganesha has appeared every day in my morning meditation, my TRE® practice, or simply when I close my eyes. This Hindu deity, worshipped throughout India, represents the remover of obstacles, in particular to new endeavors. Ganesha is also the deva of intellect and wisdom.

I'm not quite sure if Ganesha is removing one big obstacle on my path, or hundreds; whether he's about to remove obstacles, or currently chipping away at an obstacle. What comes up for me is anticipation, confusion, gratitude, and anxiety. I'm reminded of the saying, "Truth unfolds like a flower." I can't force or hurry up these messages from the universe just because I want things to happen on my schedule. The ripeness of the moment decides, with other unseen elements coming into place.

It's also the same with another recurring image that has shown up when I drop into a meditative space. My hands move to type out a message, read a message, or give a message. Sometimes it's on a sheet of paper, other times on a scroll or book. My eyes scan for meaning, but the page is blank. There's only a hint that there is a message waiting to be revealed. Afterwards, I'm confused by it all— Why all the messages that I'm about to receive a message? It's like online notifications constantly alerting me and over-reminding me—an overzealous tracking service that updates you until delivery has been made.

This, along with my other enigmatic experiences helps me understand that there is a lot happening on the subconscious level and the energy that we connect to within us, around us, and with others. The logic mind loves to analyze, control, and sometimes resist these messages and experiences. However, it's trust and gentle curiosity that guides the process.

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