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Once Upon a Vortex

Last month, I celebrated my birthday in Sedona, Arizona with a Breathwork Healer Training and in the awe of Mother Nature. The energy there felt so open, friendly, and noticeably at a higher frequency.

Being in a place with a higher vibration has a unique and delightful quality. Synchronicity is abundant, often in humorous ways. Luck and small gifts present themselves readily. There’s a lightness in the air and a sense of aliveness.

In Sedona, the ‘veil’ between the human world and higher dimensions feel almost transparent. It’s no surprise why this area has reports of unexplained phenomenon (ie. UFO sightings), psychic mediums who make Sedona home, and those on a spiritual journey who are drawn to the area. The landscape has a notion of a lost and ancient civilization welcoming those who wish to reconnect to their 'home.'

When you connect to a higher frequency, your energy opens up and expands beyond the human condition. It reaches towards the highest vibration— limitless, pure love.

On the same day as my birthday, there was a school shooting in Texas. My first thought was, "NOT AGAIN” and the feeling of defeat. In the law of karma, unresolved trauma acts out, repeating itself until it has been processed and metabolized. Even with painful lessons and consequences, there can still be a resistance towards change.

Gun violence (and all violence) is a low vibration—dark, desperate, heavy, and disconnected. It’s a seductive energy that can draw you in if there is an imbalance in the ego state. We can also see this on the larger scale. Nations having a distorted sense of power as they build up their nuclear weapons. It’s a toxic mentality of kill or be killed. Be in fear or be feared. A state of survival at all costs.

As I begin another year on this planet, it’s a mix of emotions. It feels like society is beyond capacity with trauma and despair. Yet I know that we can work for our highest good.

To mark my birthday, I pulled an oracle card from my new deck of Earth Warriors. I asked my guides, “What next?” It was Mayu— Soma from the Galactic Heart. And so it is. Standing in the galactic heart.


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