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Yesterday is Creating Your Tomorrow: Feb. 2, 2021

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

This quote from Joe Dispenza’s book Becoming Supernatural, stands out to me. I’m reading it through the lens of a Family Constellation facilitator, TRE® provider, and wellness practitioner. Through his research and my interest in quantum physics, epigenetics, ancestral trauma, and neuroscience, I have also seen evidence of his work in my own work.

Consider this. How much of your time is spent talking about the past?

“I used to be so skinny / muscular / fit / attractive.”

“Because of the car accident…”

“Before the pandemic…”

“I’ve had depression for 10 years”

“I grew up in a _____ household”

We hold onto the past when we: compare ourselves to how we used to be; talk often about an unhealed trauma/ wound, talk about an event with an emotional charge, or have difficulty dealing with the present.

The repetition with which we keep saying these statements to ourselves or others creates a muscle memory and a limiting belief. The more we reinforce it, the more difficult it is to let it go because your ‘story’ then becomes your identity. This is why talk therapy and support groups are not always effective after a certain point. There is power in sharing, being seen, and being heard, but if trauma is not addressed at a psychosomatic level (because your body stores emotions and memory), it is likely keeping you stuck. There is a natural part of us to grieve something that has happened, but then we need to know when it’s time to move forward and redefine ourselves.

How much do our identities stop us from feeling and being fully free because historically, it has negatively impacted how we view our gender, ethnic background, sexuality, nationality, economic status, age, etc.? Who would you be without a way to describe you? The simple answer is, we’d all just see ourselves as energy (and so much less likely to take things personally or make judgments on others!!)

In yoga and TRE®, the body is sometimes held in an habitual response because this is where the body defaults to out of protection, familiarity, and control. Yet, when there is safety, equanimity, and curiosity, a deeper experience can be found in the present moment. In Family Constellation sessions, I’ve seen and felt profound shifts happening between and with representatives in the ‘knowing field’ (quantum field). If a client watched what had occurred (in this particular dimension beyond physical time and space), but then reverts back to an old narrative from the past by saying to the facilitator, “But my dad would never say that (he is proud of me)"— this then resists the healing work that has taken place in the energy field. Integration in the present moment is lost. What is not taken in during the present moment (quantum field or not) cannot then build or vibrate out into the future.

Take some time to think of something you are tightly attached to and loosen the grip. Practice equanimity, curiosity and openness. Allow space to open up and let it the unknown. (It's something I'm working on, too!!)

Be well,



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