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Here we still are... May 18, 2020

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

I'm currently subletting at a 3 bedroom apartment in San Francisco. Our day-to-day quarantine life resembles something out of a sci-fi movie, a post-Apocalypse-lite, if you will. One housemate logs into Zoom meetings all day with her co-workers, discussing various projects with her non-profit organization. Behind a closed door in another room, my other housemate teaches a dance class. I hear his cheerful voice boom over the music, "Ready, five, six, seven, eight!" Meanwhile, I am in my room facilitating family constellations or TRE, gently saying to a participant on my screen, "We're going to bring in your ancestors now as a resource." Or, "If you notice sadness coming up, see if you can be with it." In some ways, my life seems to be getting smaller. In other ways, I’m amazed how many I've gathered together with in a single moment of time online. Dozens of friends whom I have not heard from in years suddenly show up on a Zoom event, across different time zones, and we’re connecting into an energy field. It’s a magical moment, and I forget that we’re in a pandemic.

Outside our walls, Mother Natures carries on. The trees sway; the sun shines; the mountains stand tall. It’s calming and warm to feel their friendly presence on my solitary walk, and I forget that we’re in a pandemic.

When I scan the news headlines, hop on social media, or engage in real interactions with people, that’s when I’m acutely aware of what is happening and the differences in how people are responding. Living in fear vs. trust. Creating unity vs. divide. The need for freedom vs. control. Acts of generosity vs. scarcity.

I think about what dictates our beliefs and the impact of our actions on various levels-- from the inner (our own mind, body, and energy) to the outer (how we relate to others and engage with life).

Wishing you ease during this time.

Be well,



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