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Natural Growth— Answer the Call!

Updated: Jun 6

Happy summer! 

It’s been a busy while since I last wrote— a trip to my homelands of Japan and Taiwan; moving to a new place (still in Alameda!); teaching new classes; and planning retreats in Thailand and Mexico for this year.

The biggest theme that came up for me these past few months was CHANGE and GROWTH. For many people, we come across this in our relationships, jobs, lifestyle, and how we relate to the world.

We reach a point where we outgrow something because we have changed. This change comes from wanting to have growth for our own soul on our life journey. 

As children, we outgrow our clothes, shoes, and toys. Plants need to be re-potted because they need more space to expand. It's easier to notice when something no longer fits in a physical way. At the mental level, we may realize that our beliefs are outdated or our knowledge has become limited. Emotionally, we may yearn for a deeper connection or a healthier dynamic in a relationship. At the spiritual level, we may lack fulfillment with our life and ask ourselves, "Is this it? Is there something more?"

Sometimes the nudge comes from within, the whispers of your inner voice speaking to you. Other times, a significant external event happens that forces change for your highest good. We may need to be clear with what we want and don't want; what we agree to and don't agree to; knowing when we are engaging in a pattern or cycle, and when we choose not to engage.

When we stand firm with our boundaries, we can go forward in life instead of being drawn back. That said, unchartered territory can still be a scary step! We struggle with the pull to be with what is familiar vs. the push to create something unfamiliar but BETTER. 

Take a few deep breaths. 

Remind yourself that you are choosing change and growth out of more love for yourself. Answer the call!

Be well,



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